"And it is for the sake of Allah [a duty] upon the people to do the pilgrimage of the House - whosoever has the ability [to travel] to it. And whosoever is ungrateful, then surely Allah is free from need of the universe." Al-Quran (2:196)
Hazrat Abu Saeed Khudri R.A. reports that Rasulullah Sall Allah-o Alleh-e Wasallam said: "Allah says: 'That servant of mine whom I have given health and sufficient sustenance and he allows five years to pass by without visiting my House, he is verily deprived of great goodness and many blessings."
Pilgrimage is the 4th pillar of Islam and those who can afford must perform Hajj (Pilgrimage) at least once in life. Around 3.7 million pilgrims travel to the holy land of Mecca and stays there as Allah's guests.

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